Data and features

Reduction ratios from 1:50 to 1:1000
Hollow shaft output from DØ 18mm to DØ 120mm
Power from 0.03Kw to 44Kw
Torque from 200Nm to 22,000Nm
Data can be transmitted via CAN or Wi-Fi


HT is a power device equipped with a DigiCAN card. The HT range consists of 10 sizes with reduction ratios ranging from 1:50 to 1:1000 and torques from 200 Nm to 22,000Nm.

HT represents an evolution of power transmission and control that surpasses the traditional concept of a reducer and therefore becomes a power device with an orthogonal output.

The first gear with integrated AI


DigiCAN is the first communication and diagnostic peripheral device born together with a gearbox. The HT series integrates a board capable of communicating via CAN with the most common PLCs. DigCAN is able to detect the instantaneous torque of the gearbox, the angular position of the shaft (encoder), the temperature of the gearbox, and store all this data internally (datalogger). It comes with a convenient display and a CAN connector. DigiCAN can be connected to the company's Wi-Fi network, which allows downloading historical data and viewing the state of the gearbox through software. Digican has a system inside it capable of detecting anomalies (thresholds) that allow limiting the power input or interrupting the rotation of the motor.
DigiCAN can be programmed to limit the torque, speed, and temperature*. These thresholds are remotely modifiable if connected to the Wi-Fi network.
*only via CAN or only if DigiCAN is connected to the inverter.


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