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Electronic boards

AutoDrive is the line of electronic boards developed to adjust the number of revolutions of a three-phase motor through a potentiometer. This allows to manage the revolutions automatically. Through an innovative electronic system able to get the magnetic position of the motor axle, Auto Drive can control the stop angle and the inversion of the rotation. It is suitable also for special machines such as snow and mist cannons.

Professional spiral dough mixers

Rotobox is the line of components for professional spiral dough mixers. These machines knead and mix flour with water and other ingredients based on the desired type of dough. Rotobox components are available in different versions and models, each one with specific features for different types of applications and industries.
Rotobox deals with professional spiral mixers to be used in multiple sectors such as:

  • Pastry (for the preparation of sweets)
  • Pizzerias and restaurants (for the pizza dough)
  • Bakeries (for the dough of bread)

  • Rotobox

    Components for snow and mist cannons

    Snowkit is the line of components for snow and mist cannons developed for the manual variation of the rotation angle through a potentiometer. This kit combines three products in a unique solution (all-in-one):

  • Simple installation
  • Universal - it can be installed on any standard model
  • It definitively solves the rotation control problems
  • Best solution on the market price-wise

  • Snowkit