What is AutoDrive?

Auto Drive is the line of electronic boards developed to adjust the number of revolutions of a three-phase motor through a potentiometer. This allows to manage the rotations automatically. Through an innovative electronic system able to get the magnetic position of the motor axle, Auto Drive can control the stop angle and the inversion of the rotation. It is suitable also for special machines such as snow and mist cannons.


Auto Drive features:

Why choose Auto Drive?

All industrial electronic components are created with IP23 for storage minimum temperatures of -20°.
However some companies need different performances from the standard ones for heavier applications and so far the only option was:
  • Supplying a thermal probe inside the panel h24
  • Inserting a specific panel to get a protection degree IP55 or IP66
    Although an electric panel can guarantee the protection degree, a h24 -supplied thermal probe entails the following problems:
    H24 energy consumption (even when the electrical system is off) and potential breakdown of the probe– black out The result will never change: damage!
    Auto Drive electronic boards withstand low temperatures -55°C suitable for the control of the following motors:
  • Three-phase electric motor
  • AC electric motors
  • DC electric motors